Learn foreign numbers.

A simple tool to improve the listening comprehension of numbers in your foreign language.

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You can practice listening to:

Cardinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers

Phone Numbers

Telling the Time

Hoşgeldiniz! I am currently trying to learn Turkish and one challenge I have is quickly understanding numbers when someone says them quickly. In stores and markets, quickly recognizing numbers is an important skill.

I found that even though I "knew" all the numbers, I was not able to quickly understand them when they were spoken. So I set out to create a tool to let me practice. Thus Foreign Numbers was born.

It has one simple purpose: to help you become fluent in number comprehension.

Why focus on numbers?

Numbers are just a small part of learning a language. But mastering them is useful for a couple reasons:
  • Numbers are everywhere and are getting them exactly right is very important! Whether it is at the market, with your friends, or at the tax office; catching the difference between 4, 40, and 400 can prevent a costly mistake!
  • Numbers serve as a good tool to improve listening comprehension.
 Since learning the numbers themselves is pretty easy, they are easily used to train yourself to quickly hear and recognize words you already know.